One Van is a small customer dedicated shop specializing in VW repair, restoration, and conversion.

We know how valuable your van is and we can help guide you through the process.

Cylinder Head Overhaul

Brand new head castings and high performance valves restore power and reliability (the single most detrimental failure on most vehicles –  especially Vanagons).

Engine Replacement

When it all fails, bangs, smokes or leaves you stranded it’s time for an engine, and we have options. Waterboxer, TDI and Subaru motors of all sizes for Vanagon and complete stock units for Eurovan. These come professionally rebuilt or in some cases brand new with a type-A installation.


Auto and manual vans, including Syncro and Eurovans, backed by a 12y/12k mile warranty.


Larger brakes for larger loads and larger wheels.

Front end, steering and suspension

We offer a full line of upgrades and replacement parts for added stability.

Customize Your Van