When it all fails, bangs smokes or leaves you stranded it’s time for an engine, and we have options. Waterboxer, TDI and Subaru motors of all sizes for vanagon and complete stock units for eurovan. These come professionally rebuilt or in some cases brand new with a type-A installation.


Professionally rebuilt stock engines have power and reliability; stock components makes maintenance a snap.

Next Level

Stainless exhaust systems, cooling components, reinforced transmissions, enhanced brake and suspension packages.

Engine Conversions

TDI, Subaru.

Our Experience

Over the years people have tried various different engines from VW, Ford and Subaru. I have done them all and keep coming back to Subaru. The kit that I use is complete and very well engineered. Subaru engines are reliable and easy to find new or used. The engine is completely rebuilt and upgraded with 6-star head gaskets installed in order to provide a much longer lasting head gasket seal. Wiring is converted over to give the Vanagon modern diagnostic capabilities and controls that are adapted to work with the older electronic systems. This approach is well tested and road trip approved!

Our suspension and bushing packages bring back that loving feelin’.

Customize Your Van